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Welcome to Mergetastic.

Save time, reduce costs and eliminate bad merges on Bitbucket.

Eliminate merge skew

With Mergetastic, you can run tests on the actual merge commit, so you can eliminate guesswork from your CI.

Reduce costs

Run tests for multiple feature branches in the same build. Run a subset of the tests on branch heads and the full suite only on potential merge commits.

Save developer time

Run the right subset of the tests at the right time. Just add your pull-request to the merge-queue and walk away! Mergetastic will take care of the rest.

No worries!

Stay focused on your code.
Let Mergetastic handle merging.

You've got a product to build. Don't let bad merges get in the way. And don't waste your time waiting for builds to finish. Let Mergetastic take care of all that boring stuff.

Simple and transparent pricing

$ 2 /mo

per seat

Easy self-serve installation

100 repositories included (Contact us to increase the limit for free)

Support included in license

Start your risk-free 30-day trial now!


An on-premise offering is currently on the roadmap. Subscribe to product updates to get notified when it's available.

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How does Mergetastic save me from bad merges?

Mergetastic is a merge-queue where you queue your PRs when they're ready. Mergetastic will create the appropriate merge commits and have your full test-suite check them out before fast-forward merging them onto your target branch.


Which platforms does Mergetastic work on?

Currently, Mergetastic only supports Bitbucket. If you'd like to see Mergetastic implemented for GitHub or GitLab, please let us know!


Do you offer an on-premises solution?

Mergetastic takes the security of your data very seriously. An on-premises offering is in the pipeline. Subscribe to product updates to know when it's available.


Which CI systems are supported?

All of them! Mergetastic can work with any CI system. It relies on your CI system running tests on branches managed by Mergetastic and posting commit statuses. All major build systems can do that.

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